Left Brain & Right Brain Exercises.

Here are a couple of simple examples of the different left and right brain exercises we use at .

How To Activate Your Right Brain: 5 Electrifying Tactics to Jump-Start Your Creativity

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  • The right brain exercises deliver real improvement in memory, clarity, focus, and mood. Learn about neurobics, brain training, meditation, even knitting!

    The theory behind right brain exercises for artists is that the left brain easily gets bored and switches off, leaving the right brain 'in charge'. This is not to imply that the right brain exercises are boring or dull, rather they may be something that feels 'unnatural' or that you can't see the logic in doing. But try a right-brain exercise at least once, ideally twice; you may well be very surprised by the results.

  • Another of the most effective right brain exercises is for an individual to try his or her hand at making music by singing or by playing an instrument. Music is a great way to develop brain fitness, and many people consider it to be lots of fun. Music, as a subjective art form, helps right brain development by encouraging individuals to cut themselves loose from rigid left-brain thinking, immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy the music.

    This right brain exercise is about making marks on a sheet of paper which track the way your eyes move across a subject, as if your eyes and hand were directly connected. The aim is make marks at the same kind of speed at which your eyes move, so as your eyes move up, down, across, so does your hand.

  • The library has all the learning materials your child need. From eye training exercises to train your child's visual, audio for hearing, flash card for language to right brain exercises for memory (cognitive function).

Left Brain & Right Brain Exercises

Some of the best right brain exercises are , or cognitive exercises. They promote brain improvement through the use of creative visualization. One such exercise is to make a game of reading a map. Right brain health is promoted when a person studies a map, then attempts to visualize himself or herself finding a particular place cited on the map. Other right brain games enhance by making use of skills such as multi-tasking or strategizing to accomplish a goal.