Resistance Chair Exercise System.

The video below is an introduction on how resistance chair exercise system works.

Resistance Chair Exercise System

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  • This Resistance Chair Exercise System comes with easy to follow instructional DVD and some patented elastic resistance cables to give the owner a wide range of exercises. This exercise chair is high quality and is factory reconditioned with 1yr. replacement on hardware.

    The Resistance Chair Exercise System is great for helping people with arthritis and osteoporosis problem, this exercise chair is also perfect for individual with high blood pressure problem.

  • Have you been trying to tone up your body, loss extra weight or rehabilitate some movement? There is a really cool exercise invention called the Resistance Chair Exercise System that is amazing for at home work outs, and is also easily portable. The basic design of this exercise product allows it to be very comfortable and convenient to use. The Resistance Chair Exercise System is basically what its name states, a chair that has been modified to allow you to do all kinds of exercise from the sitting position, consisting of tension/pulley cables for your . The resistance exercise that the chair provides is amazing for increasing range of motion and toning up the body. The chair is also equipped with a folding single step in the back for some stand up exercise to polish off your work out.

    The Resistance Chair is very comfortable, easy to use as well as being very safe. The resistance exercise that this chair provides is all adjustable to your liking. Despite it being very lightweight, it is built so strong and with high quality material that it can support up to 1000 pounds in weight! The chair requires no assembly out of the box, just remove from box and unfold the chair and your ready to start your workout. The back of the chair provides excellent back support which is very important for those with back issues. There are also extra accessories that you can purchase for the Resistance Chair Exercise System, including higher resistance cable and a extra cushioned seat.

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    The amount of positive personal user reviews on the Resistance Chair Exercise System is , with the majority of people emphasizing how comfortable, practical and effective this work out chair is. What is also neat about the Resistance Chair Exercise System is the work out guide it comes with as well as the work out DVD, both are very easy to follow along and demonstrate how to use the chair effectively. The Resistance Chair Exercise System is a huge value buy, meaning that this product is the best your going to get for your money compared to other products in the same price range. A lot of Resistance Chair owners claim the quality and build to be as good as exercise equipment in the $1000 price range.

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The World's Most Convenient Home Gym: The Resistance Chair exercise system allows you to do a full body workout from a safe, comfortable seated position. Because you remain seated, you maintain balance and stability as you exercise your arms, chest, shoulders, abdomen, back, and legs. The patented Resistance Anchor Cable system offers a wide range of upper body and lower body exercises and provides smooth, low-impact resistance without use of heavy weights. The Resistance Chair system is made of very strong, commercial-grade construction with thick-wall steel tubing. It's built to withstand frequent use in gyms and rehab centers and has been tested to easily hold up to 400 pounds.