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  • The Diamondback 910SR Fitness Recumbent Bike is similar in design to the Schwinn, but it adds even more in terms of comfort and ergonomics with adjustable seat height, seat back, handlebars, and reach to the pedals. The weight capacity of this bike is also greater - around 325 pounds. The manufacturer is keen to point out the therapeutic benefits of recumbent exercises bikes, allowing those with moderate upper-body injuries, arthritis, or pregnant women to undertake some level of exercise without undue exertion.

    As of September 2010, Fitness Quest markets five types of recumbent exercise bikes on its website: 280 Edge, 437 Edge, 396 Excel Magnetic, 426 Magnetic and the 491 Programmable. At the low end of these recumbent bikes, the 280 Edge offers six workout programs. At the other end of the spectrum, the 491 Programmable has 14 programmed workouts.

  • As of September 2010, the price on Fitness Quest recumbent bikes ranges from $219 for the 280 model to $349 for the 491 model. This small range of price places Fitness Quest firmly in the entry level category of recumbent exercise bikes. When purchasing a bike at this level, it is important to note that the overall quality of the machine may be lessened to keep the price low. While Fitness Quest recumbent bikes offer a fair number of features, some reviewers find them to be less sturdy than Schwinn, Reebok or Nordic Track models. Additionally, the warranty on Fitness Quest bikes is only 90 days.

    During a workout, it’s not enough that you know you’re shedding off some weight. It is also important to know what benefits you can get by . Here are some of the advantages of using recumbent exercise bikes:

  • Although using recumbent exercise bikes has a lot of health benefits, it also comes with a slew of disadvantage. First, you’re not working out your core and upper body during the routine. Secondly, they are more expensive compared to regular upright bikes. Lastly, they occupy bigger space in your home. However, if we weigh the pros and cons, it is still clear that recumbent bicycles are still preferable over conventional upright bikes.

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Recumbent exercise bikes are known to be more expensive than the average stationary bike because they focus on offering comfort to the user, thus increasing the production costs. Even though, the Fitness industry, realizing that not everybody can afford the costly high end models, is now offering recumbent bikes of a vast array of prices.