Best Chi Kung/Qigong Exercises For Longevity.

Qigong Exercise Two: The Bounce

Total Chi Fitness Stretching Exercise for Energy Boost, Ultimate Fitness and Health (Chi Powers for Modern Age) (Volume 2)

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  • Lifting the Sky is one of the best qigong exercises to do and is considered one of the single most important exercises in the art form. Simply put, it changes bodies and lives.

    Looking for free tai chi qigong exercise? Here are a range of free lessons, with precise, detailed descriptions and easy step-by-step instructions.

  • It is, therefore, probably the most widely practiced qigong exercise in the world. Qigong and tai chi should be taught by an experienced teacher as there are small nuances with the breath, movement and alignment that will only be seen by the eye of an expert. However, Lifting the Sky is something so simple, it can be tried and experienced without much effort or help at all.

    If you are interested in benefiting from tai chi qigong but can't afford the pricey lessons, or if you don't want to pay the heavy price of taking commercial lessons without first trying them out, try the following qigong exercises below.

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    This is how to do the qigong exercise "Paint a Rainbow". Lift your arms without lifting your shoulders. Put your body weight on a bend knee and watch your hand. Feel the rainbow between your hands. Keep you shoulders down and don’t bite your jaws. Now slowly lower your hands and feel relaxed. Don't forget to focus on your breathing while doing this qigong exercise.

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    There are seemingly plenty of Qigong exercises to improve circulation and protect the heart, and the best way to start is to practice proper body alignment at all times to prevent kinks in your veins and arteries. Lengthening exercises will stretch the ‘tubes’ or blood vessels so blood and Qi can flow freely and unimpeded. Along with deep breathing, your blood will deliver nutrients and oxygen that is necessary for every cell of the body.

Qigong Exercise Five: Extending the Qi

Qigong’s physical and spiritual routines move Qi energy through the Twelve Primary Channels and Eight Extra Channels, balancing it, smoothing the flow, and strengthening it. Chinese medicine uses Qigong exercises to maintain health, prevent illness, and extend longevity because it is a powerful tool for maintaining and restoring harmony to the Organ Systems, Essential Substances, and Channels. Qigong is also used for non-medical purposes, such as for fighting and for .