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MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen

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  • Puppy exercise can be tricky. We already discussed how too much strenuous exercise early in life can almost cause dysplasia, growth problems and pain later in life for more on Giving Your Dog Arthritis click .

    This will not be easy because your puppy will be full of energy and dying to do more. Hang in there! You have to do this for their own good. Moderate swimming is a good alternative as it is a low impact exercise and Dogues de Bordeaux generally love water. Keep these Dogue de Bordeaux puppy exercise guidelines at the forefront of your mind. Wait for the growth plates to close, which may not be until 18 months of age, before subjecting them to vigorous exercise. You will not regret it!

  • Limiting your Dogue de Bordeaux puppy exercise / play times and restricting his physical activity is THE most important thing you, the puppy parent, can do to prevent orthopedic issues from developing. Remember, puppies are NOT born with hip dysplasia, it is a condition developed later in life due to genetic and environmental factors. The Dogue de Bordeaux is genetically predisposed to the condition. Thus, controlling your Dogue de Bordeaux puppy’s environmental factors are critical!

    Your puppy needs exercise just as you need an exercise in order to remain healthy. Aside from giving your puppy that needed physical activity in order to avoid getting fat, especially with the types of dog food nowadays, a good puppy exercise will provide you with a lot of other benefits.

  • Beginning early and establishing a routine are the keys to puppy exercise. Is puppy bored and chewing up your world? Exercise can help. Is puppy putting on a little more of a potbelly than is normal? Again, exercise can help.

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Puppy exercise is necessary to ensure normal growth, goodappetite and healthy joint formation. Although daily exercise improvesthe overall health of the puppy, overworking the pet may lead toexcessive stress on the body and health conditions. Since individualpuppy breeds differ in weight, growth and genetic predisposition, petowners should identify an exercise routine that keeps the dog activephysically and prevents boredom.