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Suzanne Bowen's Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout (2012)

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  • Try these mini pregnancy exercise videos for your third trimester by Secret Saviours! Easy to follow at home workouts to add to your pregnancy exercise routine!

    Checkout these mini pregnancy exercise videos by Secret Saviours designed for your second trimester! Easy to follow at home and at to your pregnancy exercise routine!

  • How to keep your legs strong and toned with this pregnancy exercise video from specialist prenatal trainer Emma! Follow as part of your total pregnancy workout!

    Pregnancy massage is something that may invite mixed reactions; one may wonder about the safety and efficacy of this. In fact it can help with aches and pains, swelling, relaxation etc. However, as long as the pregnant woman is properly positioned, (on the side with a pillow under the belly is the recommended position) you can take pointers about massage from this pregnancy exercise video.

    Pregnancy exercise with
    The Perfect Pregnancy Workout will:
    • improve your mood
    • reduce lower back pain
    • develop mental discipline to control labor pain
    • tone your lower body to handle the demands of labor and birth
    • make it easier to lose weight after your baby is born
    • strengthen your upper body to lift and hold your baby
    • help eliminate or avoid incontinence and hemorroids

    Karyne Steben,
    a world-class acrobat formerly with
    Cirque du Soleil, leads us through the sculpting workout with her exciting take on pregnancy exercise, combining strength moves with graceful flexibility.

    First time exercisers can feel at ease; Karyne illustrates pregnancy exercise techniques and explains the dos and don'ts of exercise during pregnancy in a clear, easy-to-understand twelve-minute instructional section.

    With pregnancy exercise options to make it fun for beginners and challenging for advanced exercisers, anyone can do
    The Perfect Pregnancy Workout!

    The Perfect Pregnancy Workout video is a 43 minute pregnancy exercise video: 5 minute warm-up, 33 minute workout, 5 minute cool down. There is also a 12 minute instructional section explaining proper technique for pregnancy exercise.

    *The Perfect Pregnancy Workout includes exercise variations for women with
    diastasis recti.*

  • The Perfect Pregnancy Workout:Pregnancy exercise video

    Yoga also promotes relaxation, which is important if you find yourself feeling moody or weepy during the first few months of pregnancy. This pregnancy exercise video offers you instruction on simple yoga positions that are safe to perform during the first trimester and later as well. Take yourself through this simple video to perform poses along with their breathing instructions and see if yoga is the exercise that is correct for your pregnancy.

Best pregnancy workout at home or at the gym

This form of exercise teaches your body and mind to be firm, balanced and flexible. This pregnancy exercise video features a lady who wonderfully demonstrates the exercise from different angles. This workout is complete workout for your body.