Power Plate Exercises: Build a six-pack with the Power Plate

Take a look at just a few Power Plate exercises that challenge your balance, coordination, movement patterns and strength from head to toe.

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  • Although Power Plate exercises seem the same as those done at the gym (like squats or lunges) or in yoga or Pilates class (like tree pose or plank), performing them on a Power Plate means you're actually doing 4X the work and burning 4X the calories! Vibration creates acceleration in your body, which increases the amount of force imposed on your body - so the work load is dramatically increased, leading to faster results.

    Westwood has been applauded by the golf community for increasing his lean muscle mass and reducing body fat through diligent training, including Power Plate exercise, and he has reaped the benefits from a healthier physique on the course.

  • I tried the power plate workout in Montreal at the MAA. The trainer had me doing supersets combining power plate exercises with non-power plate exercises for example holding a squat on the powerplate for 45 seconds and following that up wtih 15 jump squats on the floor.
    It was great and really different from any other workout I’ve tried (and I’ve tried alot)!

    IRVINE, Calif. -- Lee Westwood is in his "Power Phase" - he is ranked number three in the world and placed in the top three in his last three majors. Expectations are high for this power player, fresh off a win at the St. Jude Classic. To give himself the competitive edge, Westwood, like many pro-athletes, integrates Power Plate exercise into his training regimen to increase strength, stability and power.

  • Here’s a short video of my top 5 powerplate exercises plus one massage. That’s one more thing about the powerplate, you start and end your workout with the same machine. from warm up to cool down.

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A total of 20 male athletes who underwent ACL reconstruction surgery participated in this study. The participants were randomly allocated to a Power Plate group (10 subjects) or a conventional therapy group (10 subjects). Both groups participated in 12 training sessions within one month (3 times a week). The Power Plate group performed prescribed Power Plate exercises (see fig. 2+3), and the conventional therapy group performed conventional strength exercises (hip abductors, adductors, flexors, extensors, leg press, leg curl and squat). Both groups performed a progressive schedule.