Integrating is the final step in this posture exercise series.

Posture Exercise #4 – On Your Back Chest StretchPerform: Before you retire, 10 repetitions

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  • We’d all like the regal posture of a ballerina. Not only does good posture look nice, it also eases muscle tension, promotes greater energy, and creates a taller, slimmer appearance. The good news is that you can improve your posture with exercise.

    How come some people just seem to naturally stand straight and tall, displaying what looks like THE perfect posture. In many cases that type of posture doesn't come naturally, but instead is something these people have learned to acquire, often with the help of posture exercises .

  • These posture exercises that I do over exaggerate proper posture - intentionally and to the point where they are meant to subconsciously trick the mind into proper back posture habits.

    Breathing normally is important with these posture exercises and is something easily overlooked when doing exercise that involves the stomach muscles .

    Posture Exercise #1 – Chin Tucks
    Perform: Ten times on the hour Hold: Five seconds

    Tuck your chin back over the notch above your sternum, so that your ear is in line with the tip of your shoulder. For more details regarding this, please see neck exercises

  • Posture Exercise #2 – Chest Stretch
    Perform: Three times a day, two repetitions Hold: 15 seconds

    Stand in a doorway or corner of a room. Lean forward, with your hands on the wall, until you feel significant strethcing across the front of your chest. Do this exercise as requested in both positions.

    Basically, posture exercises can consist of any exercise which strengthens the neck, shoulder, leg, or core muscles, and has the potential to improve posture. Pilates. yoga. walking. and even heavy-duty bodybuilding can help with posture problems.

Postural Exercises - Dr Jennifer Price, DC

This is one of the best posture exercises, and it’s easy to do anywhere. In fact, it’s practically designed to be performed during a long day at work.