When should I start postnatal exercise after delivery?

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  • Relatively soon after giving birth, it may be a good idea to begin doing kegel exercises. Kegels are excellent postnatal exercise because they begin to strengthen the again. In addition, the type of exercise done after giving birth is related to the level of while pregnant; if a woman stayed in fairly good shape while pregnant, it may be easier to begin exercising again. Women who had easier labor and delivery may also have an easier time exercising than women who had difficult labors or complications.

    The last thing you want to do is put too much stress on your body. After all, it has been pretty amazing to you over the last 9 months, so respect is very much needed here, and understanding how a postnatal body works is key when it comes to putting together an effective postnatal workout plan. Knowing how your body works and understanding which are the right postnatal exercises is of the most paramount importance.

  • One of the best types of postnatal exercise is a class designed for the purpose. There are many different postpartum in workouts such as yoga, Pilates, aerobics, aqua aerobics, or even classes that encourage participation from both the mother and the baby. Instructors who teach these types of postnatal classes are well trained in working with the needs of new mothers, and are often able to modify exercises to make them easier.

    The companion volume to Exercising for Two, this comprehensiveguide to postnatal recovery shows you how to get back in shape while avoiding problems caused by going too hard, too fast, too soon, Drawing on Lisa Westlake's popular postnatal exercise classes and more than twenty years' experience of working as a fitness instructor and physiotherapist, this easy-to-use book covers the vast range of exercise options available to you as a new mum wanting to regain your strength andpre-baby body as well as providing helpful physio and lifestyle hints.



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    In addition to postnatal exercise classes at fitness centers, there are many different postnatal exercise DVDs and books that can provide instruction on exercising after giving birth. Of course, it is also possible to develop one's own exercise plan, such as with daily walking and gentle strength training and stretching. Even though one may desire to lose the extra baby weight quickly, keep in mind that it is important to listen to the body and stop if anything feels painful or too challenging, and to give the body the time it needs to recover after giving birth.

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Mums in Motion is an eight week course meeting once a week. All sessions are on the swiss ball and the intensity of the workouts are increased each week. Each Mum receives her own postnatal exercise workbook with readings and homework exercises. Babies are included in the workouts so there’s no need to worry about childcare.