Here are a couple of mini portable exercise bikes to look at:

is a perspective view of the portable exerciser connected to a support structure prior to exercise.

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

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  • Advantages of the portable exerciser may include one or more of the following. The exercise equipment works the user's abdominal and surrounding muscles. The exercise equipment works in conjunction with a comfortable surface such as a bed or mattress surface to allow the user to comfortably achieve abdominal fitness. The exercise equipment does not require any type of mechanical connection between the device and the independent furniture from which the device is operated. The exercise equipment is suitable for physical therapy as well as gym use. The exercise device is simple, easily installed, versatile, portable, compact, and provides variable height adjustments depending on the height of furniture the device is connected. It also alleviates pre-assembly of the device before each use to connect to said furniture, thereby enabling the invention to be used with considerably less effort than conventional exercise devices.

    Implementations of the above method may include one or more of the following. The user can slide a roller into each end of the bar. The user needs to just stow, or slide, the portable exerciser underneath the bed for storage. The furniture can be a bed frame and the support member can be a transverse bar. The user can lie on the bed and use the portable exercise device for resistance training. The user can perform crunching exercises on the abdominal muscles such as upper and lower rectus abdominus, the internal and external abdominal obliques or the transverse abdominus. The user can also exercise the user's stomach, back, neck, quadriceps and calves.

  • Referring now to the drawings in greater detail, there are illustrated structural diagrams of the portable exercise device and its standard usage with a support structure, such as bed furniture. It will be understood that the user would maneuver one end of the portable exercise equipment to the bottom of the furniture and hook it over a horizontal bar or slat on the bed, as seen from a study of the diagrams.

    One of the attractions of these go-anywhere portable exercise bikes is that they are very affordable — even for those on a tight budget. A couple of the more popular budget bikes include:

    Name Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable Exercise Bicycle Magnetic Stand
    Brand Conquer

  • There are also new hybrids on the market such as the New 2 In 1 Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike ($75) which offers a seat and moving handlebars and a solid 65-lb frame. That is about as heavy as you will find among portable exercise bikes, but people love the dual-function design.

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illustrates a diagram where the portable exercise equipment is used in conjunction with a support structure (8)—in this case a bed. The device, designed to be used with a bed frame (10) and a mattress (19), with the bed usually with four legs that extend downwardly from the frame to engage with floor. The leg holds up the bed frame, the box springs and/or mattress (19), and any individual or individuals on the bed. The mattress can (19) include an ordinary mattress with support means such as a board or slats (8), a mattress (19) and box spring combination, or a separate box spring supporting an ordinary mattress (19).