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PowerBlock Travel Bench (Silver)

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  • TAG : Patent US5108089 - Portable, adjustable exercise step/bench
  • Barbell bench presses are the ultimate exercises for your chest or pectoral muscles whether you use a flat bench press or the incline bench press because you can use a heavy weight. Dumbbell bench presses are also excellent because they enable you to move through a greater range of motion. One-arm dumbbell rows and pulldowns are fundamental back exercises. Dumbbell rows engage your latissimus dorsi and trapezius, while pulldowns activate primarily your lats. Consider pairing a barbell chest exercise with a dumbbell back exercise to easily transition from one exercise to the other, such as incline barbell presses with one-arm dumbbell rows. Or, if you want to do lateral pulldowns, roll a portable exercise bench to the pulldown machine and then retrieve a pair of dumbbells for flat dumbbell presses.

    If you want to lose weight then portable exercise bench is one of the best ways out of your problem. It will help you remain fit and exercise on a daily basis. The best bit about a portable exercise bench is the fact that you can carry it anywhere with you. Moreover, this exercise bench guarantees to make your body solid, just the way you want it.

  • Mini Max portable exercise bench with Aerobands for weight resistance training. Collection only, no pick up by courier.

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