Which Popular Exercise Machine Is Best For Losing Weight?

Stamina 55-1603 InMotion Elliptical, Orange

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  • Elliptical trainers are becoming one of the more popular exercisemachines. Their smooth and steady low-impact motion makes them apreferred choice for individuals with knee and ankle problems. Butselecting the right trainer can be a difficult process. Price andquality are two important factors in any purchase decision. Arehigher prices generally associated with higher quality ellipticaltrainers? Consumer Reports conducted extensive tests todevelop an overall rating based on ease of use, ergonomics,construction, and exercise range. The following data show the priceand rating for eight elliptical trainers tested (ConsumerReports, February 2008).

    These are easily two of the most popular exercise machines for home use, and many people have a hard time deciding if they should get an elliptical or treadmill. This article should make that decision a little easier as it details the benefits and the disadvantages of using each type. Everyone is different, and an elliptical might the best option for you while a treadmill may be best for someone else. to find who will win in the battle of the elliptical versus the treadmill.

  • Exercise bikes are widely considered to be the most popular exercise machine, and it is easy to see why because they provide a low impact workout that is easy on the joints and are very easy for anyone to use, whilst offering a range of health and fitness benefits.

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