What pointe exercises can I do?

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  • Some of the more common pre pointe exercises to work on are plies, tondus and releves. These are commonly used to rise onto pointe and will build balance and strength where needed. Keep practicing releves on demi point to strengthen the calves and ankles. The dancer should also be able to complete pique passes with straight legs before beginning pointe. A bent knee shows the muscles are not quite strong enough to support this step on pointe. Keep working on these until it can be completed with a straight leg.

    Go to for further information on the best pre pointe exercises. These are demonstrated and explained by a dance physiotherapist so risk of injury is minimised. An example one of the exercises is shown in the video below.

  • Before beginning pointe work, a ballet dancer must undertake many pre pointe exercises to ensure they are strong enough to dance without risk of injury. Pre pointe exercises are used to strengthen the muscles of the feet, ankles and legs so that they are strong enough to support the dancer on pointe. Remember that a dancer should not begin pointe work until assessed as being ready by their dance instructor. This can be frustrating while waiting but to help pass the time you can keep practicing your exercises so that you will be ready to learn pointe soon.

    If you really want to know all the pre pointe exercises as well as understand the techniques fully, without injury, you might want to take a look at the link below this video. This great item covers everything you need to now about ballet and pointe work and I highly recommend it.

    Ballet Pre Pointe Exercises
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    Perfect single leg rises are not easy to get right straight away. Lisa takes you through how to do them, with transfer. A great pre pointe exercise when done correctly.

Feet & Pointe Strengthening Exercises ♡ - YouTube

The clip below is another good illustration of why you must take care to do all prepointe exercises very precisely. Clams are a common ballet exercise, and most students - and even some teachers - assume the wider you open your knees, the better. Not true! If you lift your leg too much, you stop using your turnout muscles and start using the muscles on the front of your leg. Using those muscles won't help you prepare for pointe, plus it will over-develop your thigh and create bulk which you don't want.