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  • The push up may just be the perfect exercise that builds both upper body and core strength. Done properly, it is that uses muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abs and even the legs.

    An athlete's core plays a vital role in his or her ability to perform functional athletic movements. Your core is your center of gravity, the base where all muscle activation either occurs or passes through. Every athlete's core muscles are different and used differently, depending on their sport. That's why athletes should perform core exercises that are sport-specific and that mimic the movements they use on the field or court.

  • Weight training is the bread and butter of a perfect exercise program. Well, the meat and fat if you follow the nutritional advice on this blog, but you get the idea. If your goal is to live in a lean, strong, healthy, and well-toned body, then weight training is an absolute must. When performed regularly and at the appropriate intensity, it increases your lean muscle mass, which in turn raises your metabolism and helps you to burn fat all day long – even while you’re asleep! Weight training even increases your bone density, so it’s a great way of protecting and supporting your body for the long-term. Here are 8 basic rules for weight training:

    While fitness fads may come and go as fast as their late-night infomercials, some types of transcend trends. Among them is the push-up, which uses your own along with gravity to tone and condition muscles. Some fitness experts have called the push-up the closest thing there is to a perfect exercise. And with good reason.

  • So – I definitely didn’t do it on purpose, and I do intend to make up for it right away. I’m talking about designing the perfect weekly exercise program. It seems I’ve been so focused on sharing with you , that I’ve completely forgotten to emphasize the importance of combining this with the appropriate weight training. Or even really mentioning how it all should go together for maximum success.

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"The majority of the mortality-related benefits" from exercising are due to the first 30 minutes of exercise. The perfect exercise is really anything you like enough to keep doing.