Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises For Women

It is very important that you keep the following muscles relaxed while doing pelvic floor muscle training exercises:

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  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises are much like any gym-based muscle strength exercise; train your pelvic floor muscles using similar principles to gym-based muscle strengthening.

    Clinical trials of a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser concluded that the device was as effective as supervised pelvic floor muscle training, the gold standard treatment of the UK NHS where patients are referred to a specialist continence advisor for one on one training over a three-month period. The report also noted that the device can help overcome the fundamental weaknesses associated with pelvic floor muscle exercises (PFME), i.e. poor training, lack of patient confidence and poor compliance with the exercise recommendations.

  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises can be done lying on your back with your knees bent and apart, and your feet flat on the ground. They can also be done while you are sitting or standing.

    Kegel exercises are named after a urologist, Dr. Arnold Kegel, who was a champion of pelvic muscle exercises, originally intended for women with urinary incontinence. Kegel exercises support bladder control and function, can aid recovery from prostate surgery, and contribute to core strength. In addition, the same exercises that can help men with erectile dysfunction can improve sexual performance in healthy men. According to Minna Life, sexual function benefits can include orgasm quality and control, erection performance, and sensation.

    Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises For Women

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  • The viewer is taken into the treatment room a get a better understand of the bladder by watching a bladder scan and watching a pelvic floor muscles being exercised in real time.

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The important thing is to keep trying. There are no good alternatives to strengthening the muscles on your own. If you don’t work to improve your strength now, you have a greater risk that the uterus will prolapse (drop down) into the vagina. The regular use of our pelvic muscle exerciser reduces that risk.