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Pelvic muscle strengthening exercises; Pelvic floor exercises

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  • If you remain unsure about correct pelvic exercises for men, or if you see no improvement in your symptoms after 3 months of dedicated pelvic floor exercises, seek the help of a Continence Nurse Advisor or a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. To find a pelvic floor health professional in your area speak to your doctor or contact The Australian Physiotherapy Association phone or The Continence Foundation of Australia by phoning the free National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66.

    In men pelvic floor exercises feel like a definite lift and squeeze in and around the urine tube (urethra) and the back passage. Pelvic floor exercise does not involve squeezing the buttocks or inside thighs. Using the correct pelvic exercise technique is vital to ensuring the success of your pelvic floor strength training program.

  • Male pelvic floor muscles are susceptible to injury and dysfunction. Pelvic exercises can be effective in treating a range of male pelvic floor problems.

    Download our complimentary Pelvic Exercises for Men pdf physiotherapist training guide below. Please refer to for further health professional assistance.


    1. Lying on back with knees bent.

    2. "Rock" away hollow in back, tightening abdomen.

    3. Relax, arching back.

    4. May be done on all fours (hands and knees), too.

  • Reilly ET, Freeman RM, Waterfield MR, et al. 2003. Prevention of post-partum stress incontinence in primigravidae with increased bladder neck mobility: a randomised controlled trial of antenatal pelvic floor exercises. 169(6): 2429

What are pelvic floor exercises

Now that you have completed your pelvic floor exercises you will have to discover where you should hold this throughout the day. Everyone will have their own desired activation of the pelvic floor. As Pilates instructors we tend to say somewhere around 30%, thus allowing you to hold throughout the day. Watch points: