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Carex Health Brands Pedal Exerciser, Hook-And-Loop Straps, Tension Control KnobThis pedal exerciser can be used on a...

Battle Creek Pedlar Light Workout Exerciser

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  • The Stamina InStride Cycle XL is essentially a pedal exerciser designed for in-home or therapy use. Exercise therapy has enormous benefits to the body including heart health, increased circulation in the limbs and improved energy levels.

    The Pedal Exerciser is a highly effective, compact exercise therapy product ideal for increasing strength and improving coordination and circulation. It can be used on a table top as an arm exerciser or on the floor to give your legs a workout.

  • Whether you are looking for pedal exercisers, mini exercise bikes, or full size upright and recumbent stationary cycles, ActiveForever offers you the best choices of fitness equipment available at the best prices. In addition to pedal exercisers, you can workout with ankle weights or to add variation to your workout.

    Diabetics and arthritics often face many obstacles to the beneficial exercise they need and Pedlar Exercisers provide a great alternative. No jolts to painful joints, as with many exercises, and the adjustable resistance feature allows even the most debilitated user to slowly, gradually build strength and endurance. Even those who can't utilize conventional exercise bikes or treadmills, or have limited space, can have a customized work-out right in their own home. Armchair quarterbacks can even exercise watching TV, while the Pedlar improves cardiovascular health and muscle tone. ??

    Quick ViewPedal ExercisersOur Rating (1-5)
    The Drive Medical Pedal Exerciser3.5
    The InStride Stamina Folding Cycle3.7
    The Vive Pedal Exerciser3.9
    The Eva Medical Pedal Exerciser4.5
    The MedMobile Digital Pedal Exerciser3.8

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    Pedal Exerciser

    Under Desk Treadmill

    Office Exercise Chair

    Adjustable Standing Desk

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    ≥ US$27.00 ≥ US$419.00 ≥ US$59.00 ≥ US$77.00
    Special Features
    Pedals, ellipticals, & sliders. Made for use under the desk or while seated
    Specific for the work environment, quiet with detached controls
    Exercise core and some with arm attachments
    Used for standing, sitting & adapt for walking treadmills
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    The Pedlar Pro Pedal Exerciser is very portable and arrives fully assembled, with adjustable tension, a wide base for stability, and durable, heavy-duty construction. Buy the Pedlar Pro Pedal Exerciser from ActiveForever today!

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