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Pedal Exerciser by Vive - Best Portable Medical Exercise Peddler - Low Impact, Small Exercise Bike for Under Your Office Desk - Designed for Either Hands or Feet - 1 Year Guarantee

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  • This portable upper and lower body, pedal exerciser is a superb accessory to get the blood flowing through the upper and lower body and to stay active without the impact problems that can occur through other exercise. Ideal for use when sat in your rise recliner chair, the pedal exerciser has a wide leg spread and rubber non-marring feet that keep the exerciser stable even when the user has little muscle control. The pedal exerciser has wrap around adjustable foot straps for use both with or without shoes.

    Pedal exerciser for use around the home, in the office, etc
    The resistance from the pedals can be adjusted to increase or decrease the effort required.
    On-board computer to show time or gauge calories consumed, cycles or RPM.
    Easily folds for storage
    Pedals come complete with toe-straps.

  • Whether you are looking for pedal exercisers, mini exercise bikes, or full size upright and recumbent stationary cycles, ActiveForever offers you the best choices of fitness equipment available at the best prices. In addition to pedal exercisers, you can workout with ankle weights or to add variation to your workout.

    The Pedlar Pro Pedal Exerciser is very portable and arrives fully assembled, with adjustable tension, a wide base for stability, and durable, heavy-duty construction. Buy the Pedlar Pro Pedal Exerciser from ActiveForever today!

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    Special Features
    Fold for easy portability
    Desk & Cycle all in one. Folds for easy storage.
    Low profile and fits under most desks.
    Arm & leg exerciser with several attachments
    ~ 5 lbs
    45 lbs
    23 lbs
    23 lbs
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    Magnetic resistance, smooth, quiet, and 5 function display264.8$$

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    MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exerciser

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    Arm & Leg exerciser, large base, sturdy, electronic monitor23.84.7$$

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    Isokinetics Magnetic Pedal Exerciser

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    Arm & Leg exerciser, magnetic resistance, sturdy, quiet, electronic monitor224.1$

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    Drive Medical ExerciserFolding, arm & leg exerciser, resistance screw, electronic display6.53.8$

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    Auto Electric PedalerAdjustable speed (up to 100RPM), LCD display, remote control154.2$$

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    The third category is the motorized pedal exerciser. Common attributes are – Adjustable speed, overload protection, display monitor for RPM, distance and time. Because it is motorized it is more commonly used for therapeutic reasons although can be combined for calorie burning and toning purposes.

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This pedal exerciser has anti slip feet attached to wide spread legs to maintain the stability of the machine and stop sudden movements during use. It is made from sturdy chromed steel making this portable Pedal Exerciser remarkably robust, and is fitted with an adjustable resistance knob allowing you to set how easy it is to pedal and foot grips to stop your feet from slipping off during a workout. The resistance knob can be used to increase the effort involved, so could be used as part of a programme to increase/build up muscle strength during rehabilitation, or simply to help you maintain independent living.