Digital Display Portable Mini Pedal Exerciser Fits Under Any Desk.

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DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White

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  • The bike pedal exerciser for under the desk however, particularly of the bike desk variety, is special all its own because it can be used while you work, used straight or sporadically, by itself or in combination with another task like working documents or your computer (or watching TV at home), and all of this in one neat little package that isn’t as noisy or cumbersome as a treadmill desk, control your perspiration to a level you like, and mitigating the stink and noise levels that bother office workers the way other machines can.

    Usually these are versatile and you can place the pedal exerciser under desk to use with your feet. Adjust the tension so you are getting some resistance.

  • With the legs folded out you can choose to position the pedal exerciser either under a desk or on top of a table, to provide you with either a lower body or upper body workout.

    DeskCycle under desk pedal exerciser helps to get exercise during the workday without leaving your workstation. Smooth and quiet to operate because of the patented magnetic resistance system. Best mini pedal exerciser for under desk use at the office.

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