PC Muscle Exercise Variations — The Long Hold

As you might have guessed this one of the PC muscle exercises is the most “rapid-fire”.

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  • Performing PC muscle exercises leads to countless benefits to your sex life including lasting longer in bed, having a hard penis, avoiding impotence and much more. But you can only get these kinds of benefits if you do the exercises right, and that’s exactly what I’m about to show you how to do…

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    PC muscle exercises for curing premature ejaculation and give your extreme stamina.

    Learn the do-it-yourself premature ejaculation treatment methods that the big drug companies hope you never find out about.

  • PC muscle exercises for women is useful to re-tighten the vaginal muscles after giving birth, to control the bladder, and easier to reach orgasm. (Tip: for maximum orgasm, relax the PC muscle when it reaches the climax)

    PC workout #1:
    Just try to flex your PC muscles at least 100 times or more everyday. You can flex your PC muscles during TV commercials, while you’re talking on the phone, at stop signs or red lights, or while taking a shower and…
    It doesn’t matter where & when you do your PC exercises and nobody will ever know you’re doing them and to make sure you’re getting a good PC muscle workout…

    Kegels For Men (Advanced PC Muscle Exercises)

  • Kegels For Men (Advanced PC Muscle Exercises)

    What are your PC muscles? The “PC” in “PC muscles” stands for pubococcygeus. PC muscles control a number of things including your ejaculation, the hardness of your erection, and the flow of your urine when you go to the bathroom. If you don’t work out your PC muscles, you may have minimal or even no control over any of these aspects of your existence. If you work out your PC muscles, however, you may not only find yourself able to control your ejaculation within a few weeks, but also for the long term. Doing regular PC muscle exercises can help you to maintain hard erections and last longer in bed long after most of your fellow men have gone impotent in their older years.

Kegels For Men (Advanced PC Muscle Exercises): Kali Bliss,Daka Rocco

The name PC Exercise comes from the muscle you have called the pubococcygeus muscle, but to keep it short we’ll call it the (PC) muscle. Both male and female’s have this muscle. Flexing the PC muscle is also called a "Kegel". The reason its also called a Kegel is because the exercise itself was named after a famous doctor, who's name (you guessed it) was Dr. Kegel. PC exercises are extremely easy, the easiest of all the exercises in this program, and we guarantee that if you stay with the program and develop a strong PC muscle, you will be a virtual Iron Man in bed, able to ejaculate when you want. Every man on earth should do some kind of PC workout, simply for the fact that you cannot afford not to.