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Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station

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  • Another category of products available for your outdoor exercise stations include the core fitness equipment. This product is an efficient way for an intensive all-round workout regime using the large muscle group routines. For younger users between five and twelve years, cluster products offer an excellent option.

    Columbus outdoor exercise station in Ohio, USA. Located at the Olentangy Trail near Bethel Road you find a little street workout park with everything you need. The workout spot has a couple of high bars for muscle ups and pull ups. But its not only the pull up bars its also a set of parallel bars for dips and handstand workout. Allright exercise park for outdoor sports like freeletics, calisthenics workout, street workout, parkour strength training, bootcamp workout and bodyweight workout. Workout and nature in one spot.

  • City of Darwin has a number of outdoor exercise stations located in Anula, East Point, Karama and Nightcliff to encourage cardiovascular activity, flexibility and muscle strength. All exercise stations are close to water points, lighting and path access and are surrounded by a rubber soft fall base to provide a safe, effective space to exercise. There are information panels with instructions mounted on the stations and they are free to use.

    More Hastings residents can now “work out” free of charge with the installation of another two state of the art outdoor exercise stations at Queen’s Square.

  • Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald has announced that ten outdoor exercise stations have been, or are being installed, at eight of the county’s parks as part of the county’s continuing effort to help residents through its Live Well Allegheny campaign. The stations, located adjacent to major playgrounds in most of the county parks, offer an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while using exercise equipment.

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In addition to steps and ramps, the outdoor exercise stations area includes a rope-net floor, two-hand throttle bars, a balance bar, hand-and-wrist turn stations, a rope bridge, a stretching board, a sit-up bench, push-up bars, a chin-up bar, a balance hip twist bar and a "zig-zag" bar designed to improve hand-eye coordination.