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  • When exercising, fitness for older adults and exercises for seniors don’t need to be a “softly softly” approach. I know of many people in their sixties and seventies who are fitter than someone in their forties and this is normally due to regular physical exercises and a . So me now to start improving your life in every way.

    Again, studies show that joints can be strengthened and muscle gained later in life, even if you have not been doing anything regularly prior to starting an exercise program. Begin slowly, but you can walk, swim and even ride a stationary bike along with weight training. There are programs for older adults that have chair exercises that allow adults to improve over time. If walking is difficult, there are plenty of programs that help older adults work their body from a wheel chair, for example. Once again, find an accredited trainer in older adult exercise programs.

  • Thinking of exercise in shorter bouts makes it easier to find time to fit exercise into older adults’ daily routines. Understanding the new recommendations of accumulating fifteen 10-minute segments of exercise throughout the week should entice more older adults to exercise as recommended.

WHO | Physical Activity and Older Adults