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The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

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  • The objectives of the chapter are to: 1) explore the different impacts of obesity on respiratory function in healthy and COPD patients; 2) to try to explain the impact of obesity on exercise tolerance and exercise dyspnea; and 3) the study the impact of obesity on the outcomes of a pulmonary rehabilitation program for COPD patients.

    We have a page of stuff about , but this page addresses the other side of the equation – the balance between calories in and energy out. As this graph shows, the problem is not that we are eating more – its that we don’t use up the calories in the way we used to when most people did physical work. The answer to obesity and exercise is not in making people go to the gym. It’s in active travel policies. are inexpensive and can be incorporated into daily life.

  • ehavioral changes in activity must be consistent and long lasting if the patient is to lose weight and maintain weight loss over the long term. Daily exercise and physical activity at the recommended levels of duration and intensity are required to achieve and sustain long-term, significant weight loss. All people who are obese can exercise daily, typically from the beginning of a program. Key factors are to minimize the duration and intensity initially to avoid excessive fatigue or muscle soreness that may sabotage the patient’s willingness to exercise the next day. Altering the exercise mode may also help reduce the risk of injury.

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