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Stamina Deluxe Magnetic Rowing Machine

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  • A 3 point arm adjustment multipurpose exercise machine is disclosed which provides a very effective method of creating new positions for exercise. The new machine can provide different height positions for arm exercises combined with different configurations of the adjustable arms providing multiple widths for low and high pulley exercises as well as multiple heights for narrow and wide grip exercises. All of the prior art machines require adjustments at four locations (points) to achieve a similar number of positions available for exercise.

    With reference to and , a multipurpose exercise machine 10 is disclosed. The exercise machine 10 further includes major features, namely, an upstanding frame 20, a carriage and arm assembly 80 with two rotating arm assemblies 100 , 100 , a pair of handle units 130 , 130 , a pair of adjustable chin-up and dip bar assemblies 200 , 200 , a counterbalance assembly 150, a cable length compensator assembly 120, a weight stack assembly 170, and a swing away workout station 190.

  • This invention relates to exercise machines, specifically multipurpose exercise machines used for strength, aerobic, stretching or rehabilitation exercises.

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