"The Mu Lan Chuan Exercise Book" explains this very graceful and ..

The Mu Lan Chuan Exercise Book: eight techniques for better health / Sheng Keng Yun

The Mu Lan Chuan Exercise Book: Eight Techniques for Better Health

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  • Mu Lan Chuan Exercise Book, The: Eight Techniques For Better Health. Mu Lan Chuan is a form of Tai Chi & Chi Kung that imparts good health & increased energy. Originated from the ancient narrative poem The Song of Mu Lan

    Chinese Martial Arts
    Allen Pittman --- WALKING THE I CHING. The Linear Ba Gua of Gao Yi Sheng Ba gua is one of the internal styles of the Chinese martial arts, a "circular" walking technique that trains the mind and body to recognize and accept change. Characterized by its spinning movements and extremely evasive footwork, ba gua is often used as a means to protect others. In this combination of philosophical treatise, health manual, and self defence text, Allen Pittman details the history, philosophy, and techniques of straight line ba gua zhang, which means “eight trigram palm” in reference to the seminal trigrams of the I Ching. The book contains eight parts corresponding to the eight sections of the I Ching, each representing a different elemental manifestation and martial arts principle. Descriptions of the symbology, cultural, anatomical, and tactical details of each set are taught as well as detailed instructions on the form practice. Illustrated with step-by-step drawings and photographs, the book shows how ba gua zhang, driven by I Ching wisdom, helps to cultivate a sense of centeredness and spontaneity. 382 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Blue Snake. USA. Softback. £12.99 Sheng Keng Yun --- THE MU LAN CHUAN EXERCISE BOOK. Eight Techniques for Better Health. Mu Lan Chuan is a form of Tai Chi and Chi Kung that can give good health and increased energy. The health benefits of Mu Lan Chun are explained and each movement is illustrated and is explained how it should be done. The movements are easy to do, involving breathing methods and dance like manoeuvres that give flexibility and stimulating acupuncture points. 147 pages. Illustrated by photographs and acupuncture point drawings. Samuel Weiser. USA. Softback. £11.99 Adam Hsu --- THE SWORD POLISHER'S RECORD. THE WAY OF KUNG – FU. Three essays were originally magazine articles aimed to correct the many misconceptions about kung-fu in films, books and some teachers. The book is organised into eight sections each examining a different aspect of kung-fu. These include foundations, concepts and principles related to kung-fu styles and forms, usage and training and discussions on the future of kung-fu. 205 pages. Illustrated by photographs with some drawings. Tuttle Japan / USA. Softback.

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