Mom exercising with son kicked out of LA Fitness gym

When DO new moms exercise

Happy Baby Workout - New Mom and Baby Fitness workout DVD

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  • “The overall health of well-being of the mom transfers over to the well-being of the baby,” says Starck. Moms that exercise during pregnancy gain a healthy amount of weight, have babies with healthy weights, experience less postpartum depression, and sleep better.

    And, she noticed that moms who exercised just felt better. While pregnant they reported less severe morning sickness and after baby, they seemed to recover faster and sleep better.

  • I wouldn’t exactly call this mom and baby exercise – more mom exercise, but if your baby enjoys watching you, for example from his or baby bouncer, then why not?

    Exercise Intensity
    Even moms who exercised regularly before pregnancy and delivery may find that high-intensity exercise is more difficult after having a baby. Moms in the first six weeks postpartum should avoid high-intensity workouts and stick with , like walking or perhaps light jogging. Low- and moderate-intensity workout DVDs that are designed for pregnant women are also ideal in the postpartum period.

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