I Started doing the mirror exercises yesterday :-)

Look at yourself through big mind by learning the Magic Mirror Exercise.

Activity Mirror Kit for Gym and Dance: 36" x 60" inch with safety backing

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  • I do this exercise once a week, and it has allowed me to completely transform the way I use the mirror. Before discovering the Mirror Exercise, I used the mirror to concentrate on all the parts of myself that I wanted to change. Now, I feel empowered when I make a point to stand in front of the mirror and compliment myself. It’s an amazing thing to transform the use of an object from causing self-hate to producing self-love. Because, in the end, my body allows me to do so many amazing things and those amazing things are what I need to be concentrating on and appreciating every time I look at my reflection.

    What a powerful post and exercise. I recognize how powerful the mirror exercise really is and you have reminded me that I really need to spend more time doing this each day!

  • The Mirror Exercise gives your subconscious mind the positive strokes it needs to pursue further achievements and it helps change any negative beliefs you have toward praise and accomplishment, which puts you in an achieving frame of mind.

    But, have no fear because I have discovered a new way to use and love the mirror! In a sense, we are taking back the mirror and using it to show our strengths rather than concentrating on the aspects society tells us are flaws. In the , we call this exercise the Mirror Exercise. The Mirror Exercise consists of standing in front of the mirror, with as little clothing as possible and writing a list of 10-15 positive characteristics or qualities you are satisfied with. These characteristics include both emotional and physical qualities. And most importantly, we can like certain body parts for how they look, but also for what they can do for us. For instance, I love my muscular legs for how they look, but I also like them for how they help me run and do yoga.

  • "The Mirror Exercise": Claire Merriwether is on a mission to improve herself. With the help of her transformative thinking guru, Jack Mindfeel, she must master "The Mirror Exercise" or be stuck in insecurity and low self-esteem forever.

Mirror Exercise – Classic Drama Warm-Up Activity

Just as you acknowledge your big successes, you need to acknowledge your small successes, too. The Mirror Exercise is based on the principle that we all need acknowledgment, but the most important acknowledgment is the acknowledgment we give ourselves.