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  • Hi, this is Billy Beck III from Billy Beck III Training Center, and today I'm going to show you how to use a mini trampoline for exercise. And with me, as alway,s is super trainer Brian Francis. Now, traditionally, the mini trampoline has been used for exercise just by walking or marching in this fashion. And it's, it's great for reducing the impact on your joints. But, some people take it up a notch, and then they run or bounce on it like Brian is doing right now. But today, we're going to show you some movements that very little people know about, but we take the mini trampoline and use it for advanced movements. So, the first movement we're going to use is a single leg squat. We're going to begin by taking a, your one foot in the middle of the trampoline; very important; and then, with a good tall posture, coming down and touching your opposite toe with your opposite hand. Very challenging; you use not only the muscles of your legs, but also do your core as well. So, this is involving a lot of muscles and you're burning a lot of calories. You're going to do five reps on one leg and then, go right to the other leg and repeat that in the same fashion. The second movement, you're going to step forward, your rear foot will be elevated on the mini trampoline and you're going to perform what's called a Bulgarian split squat. Now, this is a lunge with the rear foot elevated, as I said previously, which is going to give you increased range of motion. Great for athletics, increasing stride length when you're running. Now, you're going to perform 10 reps on each leg, being sure to stand with posture, as if you're standing, as if you were a super hero. And then, you're going to tear a leg with 10 reps, and you're going to finish with an advanced move we call "ski jumper." You're going to begin on one side of the mini tramp, and then land in the middle and bounce off. And now, you're going to absorb the impact each time. Be very, it's very important that you land in the middle of the trampoline. You're going to do 10 reps each direction, and that will wrap up the advanced level mini trampoline exercise program. I'm Billy Beck III, showing you how to use the mini trampoline for exercise.

    So, James, what exactly is a rebounder? A rebounder is a mini trampoline used for exercising, that is low impact if designed correctly. They can be either bungee sprung, or made with metal springs. They are used for an alternative and fun way to exercise suitable for all ages and abilities.

Jumping on a Mini Trampoline Is Ridiculously Good Exercise