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Meridian Exercise for Self-Healing (Paperback): Classified by Common Symptoms

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  • In ancient China energy balancing exercises called Do-in and An-jiao were practiced. Master Masunaga studied various traditional exercises and developed a modern version called Meridian Exercises. Meridian Exercises complement a shiatsu session and empower people to balance their own energy on a regular basis. Not only do Meridian Exercises serve to speed up the healing process, they also serve to maintain our health.

    The main difference between Meridian Exercises and other forms of stretching exercises is the active use of visualization. The mental imagery is used along with movements as a device to keep our mind engaged with our body. There is no predetermined or "correct" image for a particular movement. The best images are dynamic and full of life, like billowing clouds or cascading water, which take us beyond the boundary of our bodies. For example, instead of trying to bend forward from a standing position to touch the toes, we can visualize the lower half of our body as a cliff and the upper half as a waterfall tumbling over it. In this way, imagery takes away the tension and rigidity associated with doing a particular stretch or movement.

  • Our Exercises page now has a video of meridian exercises.
    Join in while Stephen Brown walks you through each of ten exercises. It's a 15 minute set. This is perfect for anyone who needs help with the exercises or wants to start a regular daily practice.
    The meridian exercises video - balancing energy for mind-body health is our offering to you as you progress toward sustained well-being.

    Every style is different in its own way, while sharing a common ancestry. At the heart of each is the pioneering work of Shizuto Masunaga, as collected in his texts, Zen Shiatsu and Meridian Exercises.

    Padmini A. Davidis
    Tantra Teacher,
    Psychological Advisor

    Again and again we have been asked by our participants for a detailed explanation of the Meridian Yoga exercises which are an integral part of our seminars. This book is the result of these many requests.

    It is an illustrated guide for people who don’t yet know the exercises, as well as a consolidated reminder for those who have attended our seminars.

    Pramit F. Davidis
    Medical Specialist for

  • "The relaxation that emerges is really amazing and very healthy - even in my head. I no longer want or need to achieve anything during sex or ... I cannot even describe it ...!"
    D.B., male, 45

    "Doing the exercises I can feel energy beginning to flow through the body. It is interesting to observe which muscles tense up without the exercise actually requiring them. After the exercises I feel a strong vitality in my body and in my pelvis, while everything else is perfectly relaxed. "
    G.B., female, 52

    "... The more I practice the exercises the more I feel I am changing. My muscles are more pliable. I feel the energy that flows through every fiber in my body, in every cell. Afterwards I feel younger, fitter ... and happier."
    U.P., female, 48

    "When I practice the Meridian Yoga Exercises once a week for a long time, I can feel, how my orgasm changes ... It is not as sharp and hard, but somehow much broader, more relaxed."
    A.M., female, 35
    "... I never again want to use pharmaceutical medications such as Cialis as I used to. The regular yoga practice with you has proved, that mostly I have no need any more ..."
    G.B., männlich, 58

    The advice for her is to take care of her Qi and blood flow by practicing LOHAS Meridian Tapping Exercises to strengthen overall body energy, she also need to take care of lung and stomach meridian.

Meridian Exercises with Stephen Brown | Zen Shiatsu Seattle

Meridian exercise using yoga, free weights, bands and balls, incorporates the 12 postures known to strengthen the 12 energy lines on the body. The movements require a sense of discipline and deep, continual breathing, helping maintain your posture.