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The Kids Meditation Exercises Include:

Meditation and Mindfulness Training: Practical Mindfulness Exercises and Mindful Meditations (The Meditation for Life Series) (Volume 3)

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  • But while adult meditation is all about turning the senses inward, with kids, often the first step in meditation practice is consciously, and with focus, exploring the senses before they can be turned inside. Try the following kid meditation exercises to help yogis create calm, focus and build self-awareness:

    When giving meditation classes in Oxford, I tell people about different meditation exercises, Sri Chinmoy has written about. Other paths, will have their own variations and types of meditation exercises. However, I personally find these three meditation exercises very effective. Often people report that they have good results from these.

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    Introduction to Meditation
    All Types of Meditation
    Easy Meditation Techniques
    Gazing Meditation
    Meditation Secrets
    Meditation Methods
    Music And The Brain
    Qi Gong Meditation
    Self-Enquiry or “I am” Meditation
    Standard Meditation


    Mindfulness Guided Meditation - 5 Minutes
    20 minute Guided Mindfulness Exercise
    Mindfulness Meditation - Guided 10 Minutes
    Mindfulness Meditation in 20 Minutes
    Guided Mindfulness Meditation on the Present Moment
    Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Joy
    5 Minute Guided Mindfulness Exercise
    Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Overcoming Anxiety and Fear
    Body Scan - Guided Mindfulness Meditation
    Guided Breathing Exercise

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    There are a variety of different meditation exercises we can try. But, the important thing is not the number or type of meditation exercises that we learn – but how we practise them. The essential qualities of meditation we need to develop are:

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  • Meditation exercise on This will soon overcome the problem. Ear to Knee In the Plough, exhale, bend your legs and lower your knees to the floor by your ears. Wrapyour arms over your knees and press your palms over your ears. Variation 1 With straight legs, walk your feet as far apart as possible. Stretch your arms straight up between your legs, with your hands in the prayer position. In this pose your spine, rather than your shoulders, is carrying all your weight. Variations 2 and 3 2a Interlock your fingers behind your back. Meditation exercise 2016.

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A Deep Sleep
The Yoga meditation exercises will let you have a deep and sound sleep. You will really be relaxed to such an extent that your mind’s relief will let you have a sound sleep. The sound sleep is the only thing that gives you a relaxed body even if this sleeping time is far less than your normal sleeping time. The sleep with wayward ideas and thoughts is never going to relieve you rather it makes you even more uneasy and perplexed. It’s only the deep sleep that really goes a long way to relieve you of all these tensions.