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The Stamina 5325 Magnetic Resistance Upright Exercise Bike is a fitness product; nutrition guidance is not provided.

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  • Apart from the past exercise bike which used the pressure applied by user and a tension belt inside the bike which makes you feel the resistance, now magnetic resistance exercise bike use magnetism and electricity. Electricity affects the magnetism by making magnets less or more attractive. Depending on the charge magnets attracts or repels ( like poles repel and unlike attracts). So the resistance is increased when user press the button by increasing the current flow. Larger the current , more will be the resistance.

    Adjusting magnetic resistance exercise bikes is commonly performed by moving a knob or pressing a button. At times, these knobs or buttons can malfunction that decreases the reliability of the changes in resistance. Most exercise bike manufacturers will commonly offer warranties for parts and construction that allows you to replace the parts of the magnetic resistance system that aren’t working properly.

  • Using a computer and electronics, magnetic resistance exercise bikes display workout data such as speed, distance, time, calories burned and heart rate. The wide variety of features, however, can result in reliability issues for the data. Several factors changing the reliability include proper calibration of the bike, computer malfunction or loss of power.

    From recumbent exercise bike line of Vision Fitness exercise bikes come the top-of-the-line . This magnetic resistance exercise bike is the next step above the R1500. The comfortable mesh seating, and step through frame complements the reputation Vision Fitness has built for a smooth and quietest ride in the industry. This lightweight recumbent bike is designed with the home fitness user in mind.

    regnof 02-03-11 10:14 PM

    Magnetic resistance exercise bike head-scratcher question!
    Hi everyone,

    I recently lost 20 pounds (158 lb down to 138 lb) riding an exercise bike; it is a nothing-too-fancy Proform 920 S EKG that I bought used on Craigslist for $50. I wasn't exact overweight to start with. I'm male, 5'8"; was just carrying a little spare around the belly. My body fat went from 18% to 11%.

    Since I've been riding the exercise bike a lot, I'm starting to notice a few things malfunctioning on the exercise bike. The digital display is totally shot/illegible, but I can still control the intensity level from 1 to 10. Then I got to thinking, since the difficulty of the machine is controlled by the position of the magnet to the flywheel - closer, more difficult to ride; farther, easier - why do they still need to build exercise bikes with a chainring connected to the flywheel via a belt? That is, why don't the maker just have the user pedal directly onto the flywheel, saving parts and money, reducing the number of things that can go wrong? The rider should be able to pedal, as usual, except the crank is built into the flywheel, and the magnets are positioned just the same as before to control the difficulty. Less part to worry about, less things that can go wrong, smaller and more compact machine, win-win for everyone...

    Can anyone tell me why?

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    The benefit of these differing displays for some is the pocketbook, where they can get the same quality magnetic resistance exercise bike without all the bells and whistles. For others it is being able to afford the bells ans whistles with this cost effective, high quality Vision Fitness exercise bikes.

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The Stamina 5325 Magnetic Resistance Upright Exercise Bike is a great option for low-impact cardio tailored to a variety of users at varying levels of fitness. With basic fitness tracking and moderate customizability, the bike is sure to appeal to many types of users.