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Jessica Smith: Build Balance and Inner Strength! Low Impact, High Results Home Exercise Video

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  • Everyone gets a great workout! You will not need to rewind the danceX DVD in the middle of the routine because there is no complex choreography to learn. Just fun, easy to follow & low impact dance exercise videos that will leave you sweating, inspired and energized!

    This dynamic cardio dance workout video delivers results and it will leave you sweating for more! danceX are fun unique total body dance exercise dvd's that are fun for the entire family! Designed for men, women and children of all dance and fitness levels. danceX is everybody’s workout. The only requirement needed is a heartbeat.

    Low impact aerobic exercise is the best for beginners as it isn’t intense and does help a person to understand how to concentrate on each part of the body while exercising. It helps in burning good amount of calories and the level of fat loss increases gradually. For aerobic pros, trying out low impact aerobic exercises between their fast and high aerobic routines gives their body the much needed break. This low impact aerobics exercise video will guide you through the whole routine.

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