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  • Referring initially to FIGS. 1 and 2, a preferred embodiment of the low impact exercise equipment 10 of the present invention is disclosed. As illustrated, the equipment 10 includes a base 12 having a longitudinally extending central beam member 14 with a pair of transverse members 16 and 18 mounted at its opposite ends. It will be understood that the particular shape of the base member is not critical to the present invention, it being required only that the base provide a surface for mounting the upwardly extending members to be described hereafter, as well as providing a sufficiently long and wide footprint to prevent the equipment from tipping during use. An adequate base could be formed from a longitudinal member having but a single lateral member mounted at its rear portion below the user's feet, so long as the lateral member is sufficiently long to prevent the unit from tipping sideways during use. The laterally extending member could extend normal to the longitudinal member or at an angle thereto and could be straight or curved. Other base configurations including a box, a plate or an A-frame having one or more transverse beams extending between diverging longitudinally extending beams could also be used.

    When Bryan was told at only 32 years old that he could no longer participate in high-impact exercise, he set out to find a piece of low impact exercise equipment designed for outdoor use. As a former cyclist, he didn’t want to return to traditional cycling, and he didn’t want to spend his days cooped up at the gym. The only problem? He couldn’t find an alternative! Frustrated and determined, Bryan turned to Brent Teal, a degreed mechanical engineer and competitive ultra marathoner. Over the course of five years, Brent and Bryan poured countless hours into their project, developed numerous prototypes and finally began selling their invention to consumers in 2010. It may have been a long ride to take the ElliptiGO from conception to reality, but their efforts have paid off and elliptical cycling is growing by leaps and bounds.

  • Though the popular machines mentioned above are not completely impact-free, they are all generally categorized as low impact exercise equipment. They work to strengthen the stabilizer and skeletal muscles, give you a tremendous cardiovascular workout, and improve overall conditioning and balance. If you need to do weight bearing but low-impact exercise, these machines are a good choice for you.

    There are basically two types of exercise equipments available for home – high impact and low impact. If you are recovering from a fracture or injury, you should opt for low impact exercises as they put much less strain on your body than their high impact counterparts. In this article I will tell you how to get a low impact home exercise equipment of a decent quality at an affordable price.

  • Low impact exercise equipment has a high demand in today’s fitness world. Most people want a good workout and to strengthen their muscles, but they do not want the joint stiffness later on in life. With low impact equipment, pressure is still applied to the joints, but not as much as high impact equipment. They take off some of the stress you would experience with high impact exercise equipment while still giving you a good cardio workout. The pieces of equipment listed above do not completely eliminate wear and tear on joints, but they do reduce the stress and provide for a good workout. These are the most popular machines that are on the low impact market. If you are one of those people who want to get into shape, but want to give your joints a break, look into trying one of the machines listed above. They will give you a clean, strengthening workout with all the stress on the joints.

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The demand for low impact exercise equipment has never been greater now that so many people are facing debilitating injuries and weight problems due to busy schedules, improper diets, and a general aversion to any movement that resembles “exercise.”