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A project described as the “biggest listening exercise in Scotland’s history” comes to a close today.

Oxford Picture Dictionary Lesson Plans for Multilevel Listening & Pronunciation Exercises, 2nd Edition (Book & 3 Cds)

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    Listening exercise. Useful for teaching after alphabet and numbers.

    Page 1 contains transcript for teacher and pages 2 + 3 have 2 copies for students (as you only need 1 copy of the teacher's transcript).

    Here are more listening skills exercises that should help you and your team develop the listening skills they need for effective communication. Don’t forget to follow up each exercise with a discussion! for some talking points.

  • Media emulates the interaction you experience from your real world. Videos and movies capture not only the verbal, but also the non-verbal cues in the context. This turns a listening exercise into a more engaging and interesting experience.

    You may be thinking this listening exercise sounds more like a . Well, it is. In your journey to become a better listener, you'll become more mindful. There is not such as thing as a good listener that is mindless. The point of this mindfulness exercise is to make you slow down and be mindful of what you hear. Your auditory system is automatically perceiving and differentiating sounds. Being aware of this process can give you more conscious control over what you chose to listen to.

    LISTENING comprehension exercise with AUDIO link and ONLINE/INTERACTIVE exercises - 2/2 - 2/3
    Level: elementary
    Age: 9-17
    Downloads: 114


  • LISTENING comprehension exercise with AUDIO link, ONLINE exercises - 1/2
    Level: elementary
    Age: 9-17
    Downloads: 73


    Practice these listening exercises until you can complete them successfully. The exercises can also help you become a better listener, and by default a better communicator.

English Express Listening Exercises for Motivated Beginners

We offer here some listening comprehension exercises in American English. Do not try to understand every single word. Just listen carefully for the information you need to do the exercise.