Best Leg Exercises for Mountain Climbing

My favorite 2 leg exercises are the sit to stand and the calf raise.

8 Minute Leg Workout - Best Exercises

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  • The RDL or Romanian Dead Lift is one of the best legs and butt exercises. Out of all the best leg exercises it is the best hamstring exercise because it is a functional, mutli-joint movement. Many women claim that the RDL really helps reduce cellulite and tighten up the backside.

    You may or may not use weight in the form of a dumbbell or barbell. You can add different upper body exercises with step-ups. Just make sure you have mastered balancing during the step-up before you try to progress the difficulty of this best legs exercise.

  • As you get used to following this routine, include lifting your torso and tightening your back and abdominal muscles in this bow legs correction exercise.

    Step-ups are one of the best leg exercises because they are truly a functional movement. This means they directly mimic ADLs (activities of daily living) and involve stabilization in different planes.

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  • As you have discovered in this article, the best leg exercises are all functional exercises which involve multiple muscle groups and stabilization in multiple planes of motion. The best leg exercises work the large muscle groups of the legs and their supporting muscles, instead of isolating individual muscles. Isolating the supporting muscles may cause muscle imbalances, which often leads to injury. See dozens more of the best functional exercises for the legs here:

Best Leg Exercise - Squats Quadriceps Exercise and Workout

Want strong, toned legs? These leg exercises will tone your calves, tighten your glutes, and firm your thighs. Find the right moves to help your most stubborn and resistant body parts (think: your inner thighs) as well as cellulite-banishing routines. And these leg exercises don't begin and end with squats and lunges: Browse through these workout moves for a fresh that will leave your legs toned, firm, defined, and looking great. Get the low-down on which leg exercises will have the most impact (and which you can feel free to skip), plus get recommendations for plenty of multitasking moves and twists on traditional workouts.