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The Leadership Training Activity Book: 50 Exercises for Building Effective Leaders

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  • Mobilizing People does this in two ways. First, back in the classroom after the leadership exercises, you “join the dots” and make sense of what you’ve learned to see how your leadership can be more effective. Second, after the you get support to implement your learning through two follow-up sessions. Because isn’t bringing it home the whole point of leadership exercises?

    Leadership exercises are use to engage people through emotional experience. The leadership exercises are used to overcome rational thinking barriers that reduce our ability to listen, learn and assimilate. The process of creating the right mindset and getting the team members to exercise different behaviour styles while stepping out of their comfort zone, requires a high level of facilitation skills. Leadership exercises are simple to use, create instant emotional engagement and can be applied by everyone.

  • The leadership exercises will have left you feeling refreshed and energized. But for lasting effects, the learning has to be brought to a deeper level - you must integrate what you have learned.

    An example of a basic leadership exercise is the tower of straws. You need a pack of drinking straws and a pack of office pins. Split into two or more teams and ask each team to build a tower from the straws and the pins. The team that builds the highest tower in 10 minutes is the winner.

  • How can you select and implement a leadership exercise that will support your goals, will be easy to implement, will have immediate impact and be fun?

Top 4 High Impact Team and Leadership Activities

For this leadership exercise, you'll need the following:The purpose of this exercise is to get your group to work together to achieve a common task. To begin, arrange all participants in a circle and have them face each other. Next, ask them to hold out their arms. Then tie the entire group together (while standing in a circle) so that each person is tied to both neighbor's wrists. Doing so should prevent anyone from having a "free" arm. After tying up the group, assign a task. Ideas could include:This is a great exercise for retreats or other opportunities that would allow people to dress-down, thereby preventing ruined clothing. And if you really want to add an air of challenge, impose a time limit, offering rewards to the team that accomplishes their goal before other teams or within a certain time limit.