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  • Biomechanics and Kinesiology of Exercise is the second edition of Kinesiology of Exercise, a best-selling book for the past twenty years. It is has been greatly expanded with the addition of the biomechanical aspects of exercise and new exercises that have been developed over the last decade. The training program, especially when training for strength, has been greatly expanded with new concepts that have proven to be extremely successful in practice.

    Because of the additional information and the depth of the information, this book should really be considered a new book although approximately half still relates to what was in the original Kinesiology of Exercise book.

  • After two decades of acclaim for his book, Kinesiology of Exercise, Dr. Yessis finally brings us the revised edition: Biomechanics and Kinesiology of Exercise. In Biomechanics and Kinesiology of Exercise, Dr. Yessis provides even more detailed content and greatly expands on the biomechanical considerations of exercise. In turn, by adding explanations and descriptions about many of the kinesiological aspects surrounding movement, Dr. Yessis offers an even more complete and in depth view of each exercise. The book also includes new exercises and more information on his training program, especially for teen and collegiate athletes.

    By reading Biomechanics and Kinesiology of Exercise you will get a much better understanding not only of how the muscles function, but also how you can best strengthen the muscles in the safest and most effective manner. This book can serve as a great textbook for kinesiology students when discussing muscle anatomy and participation in various strength exercises.

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