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Here are my 10 Favorite Kettlebell Exercises:

The Ultimate Kettlebells Workbook: The Revolutionary Program to Tone, Sculpt and Strengthen Your Whole Body

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  • The principal kettlebell exercises— the swing and — are highly ballistic and involve from different muscle groups. Muscles contract concentrically when they shorten as they exert force. Examples include the active phase of standard exercises such as the biceps curl and . Muscles contract eccentrically when they lengthen as they exert force. Lowering the weight to the chest during a bench press is an example of an eccentric movement. Static contractions develop force without changing muscle length. During any motion, some muscles contract concentrically to cause the movement; other muscles contract eccentrically to control the movement; while other muscles contract statically to stabilize the motion. Most standard weight-training programs concentrate on concentric contractions and largely ignore eccentric and static contractions.

    Muscles used: Shoulders, Triceps, Core
    Summary: Brilliant kettlebell exercise for developing brute strength in the shoulder muscles. Keep your whole body tight for additional muscle activation.

  • Kettlebell exercises for women provide a much more intense workout as compared to heavy weight-strength training. It improves aerobic capacity and also helps lose weight. In addition, while not being exactly compact, kettlebells are small enough to pack in your travel baggage and use in the hotel room or the hotel gym. The good news is that kettlebell exercises provide all these benefits in lesser time than a usual workout.

    We are beginning to understand why high-speed ballistic training works so well. These exercises create high levels of metabolic stress that include the such as prostaglandins and free radicals (i.e., reactive oxygen species) that combine with other chemicals and cell structures to trigger cell damage. Cell damage from these chemicals stimulates protein synthesis, which results in gains in muscle mass and strength. Kettlebell exercises, such as swings and snatches, create high levels of metabolic stress for prolonged periods (15 seconds to several minutes) that triggers cell inflammation and promotes increases in muscle mass and strength.

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  • The ballistic kettlebell swing exercise has been used to treat knee instability and hip abduction since it strengthens the knee muscles and the glutes. Women suffering from conditions like osteoporosis can greatly benefit from performing all kettlebell exercises.

52 Kettlebell Exercises (No.7 is the ultimate fat burner)

Though , , , and , all of them are considered to be fierce means to attain supreme fitness, there is one more that we think we all ought to add in our routine. And that is Kettlebell exercises!