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  • This first Kegel exercise video features a trained physiotherapist. It will help you with the first step of working out how to locate your PC muscles. Using a skeleton she demonstrates exactly where the PC muscles are located.

    Kegel exercises Physical Therapist workout for women from . Episode 4 in this 'How To Kegel' series guides you through a beginners workout to help you strengthen your pelvic floor at home.

    This kegel exercises video guides you through a complete beginner's pelvic floor workout with kegel exercises cued and performed lying down.

    'How to Kegel' Health Professional Series:
    Episode 1: What is a Kegel?
    Episode 2: How to feel your Kegels
    Episode 3: How to Kegel with correct technique for strength
    Episode 4: Beginner's Kegel workout
    Episode 5: Advanced Kegel workout

    Michelle Kenway is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, author of Inside Out - the essential women's guide to pelvic support. Find her books and women's pelvic floor safe workout DVD's at

    Key Points for Beginner's Kegel Exercise:

    - Start with gentle exercises
    - Hold or maintain the kegel for as long as you can up to 10 seconds at a time
    - Use the correct kegel technique lifting and squeezing your pelvic floor muscles in and around all three pelvic openings and then relaxing and letting go
    - Rest between exercises to allow sufficient time for your pelvic floor muscles to recover for your next attempt
    - Kegel exercises performed in prone laying down position can help women increase pelvic floor strength and awareness of contraction in and around the urethra (urine tube).

    Kegel Exercise Position 1

    Lying down prone use a pillow under your hips especially if you are susceptible to low back pain. Alternatively lie on your side for these exercises if lying prone is uncomfortable.

    Perform 3-4 kegel exercises up to 4 seconds each using correct and gentle technique, relaxing and allowing your pelvic floor muscles to recover between each exercise attempt.

    Next perform 4 fast kegel exercises in this position to complete your set of exercises.

    Kegel Exercise Position 2

    Lying prone with one leg bent and out to your side (only for women without hip problems).

    Perform up to 3-4 kegel exercises up to 4 seconds for each exercise, relaxing and allowing your pelvic floor muscles to recover between exercises.

    Next, repeat 4 fast kegels in succession to complete this set of kegel exercises.

    Kegel Exercise Position 3

    Position yourself on all fours resting your forehead onto your forearms. If your knees are sore or prone to pain, lay on your side or on your tummy as shown in Position 1.

    Perform 3-4 Kegels up to 4 seconds each, with the correct technique, again relaxing and resting between each exercise.

    Finish with 4 fast quick pelvic floor contractions to complete your kegel workout.

    For more pelvic floor strengthening kegel exercises check out Episode 5 in this 'How to Kegel' series.

  • One good kegel exercises video for women is the guide produced by Michelle Kenway. Kenway describes several simple and effective exercises in her “how to” video, and then offers a second advanced workout in a later video.

    please upload Kegel Exercise video or some pics which will help me to see the full procedure (A-Z) of kegel exercise……plsssss do it as early as possible.

  • The exercises to tighten and avoid issues of urinal incontinence are called Kegel exercises. These workout regimes help to strengthen the pelvic core muscles as well as help to maintain a good sex life. Here are the best Kegel exercise videos picked up for you to reap their benefits if practiced regularly.

Kegel exercises: A how-to guide for women - Mayo Clinic

To begin with the hardcore pelvic workout regime, one needs to warm up first. This is an exercise that helps the blood flow to gush through the pelvic area, which in turn gives the muscles good stretching. The exercise needs you to lie on your back with knees raised upside and slowly raise your buttocks towards the sky. Maintain the position for 10 seconds which will give a good warm up session to the pelvic area. This kegel exercises video will help you get a clear picture.