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are also recommend for sight reading jazz guitar exercises as they develop both your sight reading skills and repertoire.

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  • As you can see, by working out these 10 Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Exercises, you will not only increase your technical ability, but you will increase your musicianship and musicality at the same time.

    The refill packages are meant to provide you with more extensive and advanced solo material to draw ideas from. They are not full tutorials, rather they are real solos. The text that goes with it explains the basic structure of the solos, and talks about elements like phase building, rhythm, form and note choices. Whereas the Jazz Exercises represent the 'bottom-up' approach, that is, starting from scratch and building up your skill and knowledge, the Refills are more of a 'top-down' approach: you start with full and mature solos, and then see how they are constructed (scales, phrasing, dynamics).

  • The last exercise is the reverse of the previous fingerstyle jazz guitar exercise, where here you are starting with the melody note first, followed by the lowest three notes after that.

    Once you have your major scales down, what are some other basic exercises that can be practiced? Taking a few notes from a scale and practicing them in 12 keys can be less daunting and more practical in application. You would never play a C major scale in it’s entirely when you see a C major chord in a progression while improvising. We can break the major scale down into smaller sections. The following jazz exercises for the saxophone are just a couple of examples of four-note groups that are useful in practice as well as in application:

  • So, how do you go about practicing these basic jazz exercises for the saxophone in all 12 keys? There are several ways to run through all the keys. Jazz musicians practice exercises in different root movements. This means that they practice using different progressions, or different ways of getting through all 12 keys. Here are a few root movements that jazz musicians use to practice exercises in 12 keys:

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To help you expand your playing from memorizing shapes to comping with confidence over jazz tunes, here are 5 essential jazz chord exercises for guitar. Each of these exercises will take your chord playing to the next level, expanding your confidence and chord vocabulary at the same time.