FIG. 1 is a side perspective view of a jaw muscle exercise device;

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  • A jaw exerciser is provided. The jaw exerciser according to a first embodiment includes an elongated first portion having a first cross-sectional area. The elongated first portion is configured to be inserted into the mouth, and includes an outer surface adapted to be engaged and clenched by the teeth. The jaw exerciser also includes an elongated second portion having a second cross-sectional area and an outer surface. The elongated second portion is configured to remain generally outside the mouth when the first portion is inserted into the mouth. Furthermore, the jaw exerciser includes an intermediate portion having a third cross-sectional area. The intermediate portion joins the elongated first portion to the elongated second portion, and is configured to be grasped and encircled by the lips to thereby retain saliva inside the mouth.

    In use, the upper head band is attached to the upper portion of the user's head above the ears by means of the securing means. The lower chin strap is then positioned on the user's chin attaching each elastic resistance coupling members between the fastening members and the attachment means to attach the entire jaw exercise device to the user's head.

  • It will be appreciated from the forgoing that the present invention represents an advance in the field of jaw muscle exercisers. The present invention provides for a compact device for exercising one's jaw muscles. The user may vary the resistance of the device to the user's desired level. Other aspects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following more detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.

    Once in position, the user exercises or uses the jaw exercise device by consciously moving or opehing his/her jaw against the elastic resistance force of the elastic resistance coupling members. By repetitive exercise and use, the user or patient may strengthen the muscles of mastication and auxiliaries.

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  • Once clients have completed all grades of the Bite Blocks, they are ready to move on to the Jaw Exerciser Kit. This kit addresses jaw stability, facilitates symmetrical jaw strength, and works on jaw grading through movement to ensure standard speech sound development. Can be easily cleaned for multiple-client use. Instructions included.

    The third cross-sectional area of the intermediate portion of jaw exerciser may be smaller than each of the cross-sectional areas of the first and second elongated portions. The first portion of the apparatus can be arranged at an angle relative to the second portion. Such an angle may have a magnitude equal to approximately 90 degrees. The third cross-sectional area may have either a substantially round or a substantially elliptical shape, and the outer surfaces of the first and second portions may be resilient.

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