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  • If you work the , many exercises become inner thigh exercises. A few examples from Pilates would be: , , and . Now that you are thinking this way, you will see what I mean. Even the infamous Pilates ab buster, , is an inner thigh exercise!

    Long, lean legs that will wow in a miniskirt are just a few exercises away. Using exercises targeted to strengthen the inner thighs can assist with shaping the muscles of your inner thigh. Inner thigh exercises are easy to perform at home as they do not require specific gym equipment. These exercises when performed regularly and combined with a low-calorie diet can help you achieve shapely, flab-free legs.

  • Several of the inner thigh muscles people want to tone for appearances sake, the gracillus, and the adductor magnus, for example, are called adductors. That means they bring the leg in toward the - it's easy to remember, they add the leg. Abductors, found more on the outside line of the leg, are muscles that take the leg away from the midline of the body - they abduct it, like a kidnapper. For many us, our abductors are stronger than our adductors, so our inner thighs are weak and inner leg reflects that with an un-toned look. Many inner thigh exercises focus on the adductors, these are exercises that squeeze the legs toward each other. is an example. But not every muscle that we want to tone to improve the functionality and appearance of the inner thigh is an adductor. For example, the quadriceps is a set of powerful muscles that extend the leg (open the knee joint) and muscles of the quadriceps, like the vastus medialus, are major players in inner thigh tone as well.

    Knowing how to work the eccentric contraction is one of the great secrets of Pilates, and what accounts for the long, lean appearance of muscles trained in Pilates. Even if you don't do Pilates, remember to control the release on your inner thigh exercises and you will get much more benefit.

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  • But you will make a mistake staying away from inner thigh exercises because you are afraid of getting big bulky muscles. Effective inner thigh exercises should work on all the major muscles in the thigh. The principal muscle groups involved in should include: the hamstring, the adductor or groin muscles, quadriceps, and hip flexors.

Inner Thigh Exercises | Anatomy and Training

Above are top 15 best inner thigh exercises that do not require any special equipment, so you can do it right instantly at your home. Some of these exercises are suitable for men while some for women. Hence, try out and choose the best ones for you.