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HTML Practice Exercises - Theresa B. Clarke

HTML & CSS exercise book for those who start now - [Training Workbook revised HTML & style sheet (2007) ISBN: 4881665804 [Japanese Import]

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  • So what is wrong with this article? The answer: the title..10 typical html there are ten questions which realty are not typical for html and it realy depends on what kind of people are you looking for..I would say most of the time you are looking for guys who are able to do the job and follow the standards set up and expected by the company..
    So does knowing the answer on the above shows anything about if someone is capable or not? I don’t think so..
    Are the questions interesting and should html developers know the answer ..maybe..

    (Web document)
    (305kb) - a basic utility for creating animated GIFs. It's old and you'd be hard pressed to find it available for download on any Microsoft website these days but it does the job and it's free! Use it with the Web Graphics exercises.
    (504kb) - An old but free editor that can be used with the HTML exercises.
    For anyone who will be spending a lot of time working with HTML, I recommend a professional HTML editor such as (which I used to create the HTML for this site). If you own Macromedia's MX Studio suite then you probably already have Homesite included with it.
    For editing CSS I recommend Topstyle. A lite version of Topstyle is included with both Dreamweaver and Homesite and can also be downloaded for free from . Bradsoft were the original creators of Homesite until it was bought by Allaire, Macromedia and then Adobe.

  • (138kb) & (18kb) - For the main HTML exercises. (81kb) - For the Cascading Style Sheets Exercise. These are compressed archives which contain all of the files needed for the exercises. Download the archive you need, double-click on the downloaded file and then specify where you want the exercise files to be placed on your computer.

    HTML Practice Exercises
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