How much exercise to lose weight?

So how much exercise do you need?

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  • If your goal is solely to become fitter or healthier, than there truly is such a thing as too much exercise. If you’re a professional athlete or training for an 80km footrace, then you likely can’t avoid training a lot at certain times of the year. However, if you don’t fall into that category, then there is absolutely no benefit in terms of health from exercising more than a certain amount. But how much exercise is too much?

    And while your probably go beyond lowering your risk for disease, it’s nice to know what research actually shows when it comes to how much exercise you should be doing each week for better health. Here’s how the numbers break down.

  • How much exercise do you really need? A new study suggests that one minute of arduous exercise may have the same benefits as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. We’re in!

    I'm hoping that in one of your future blogs you can address the topic of exercise. What is forbidden and what isn't? How much exercise is too much?

  • Do you workout once a week and be done with it? Do you workout for an hour and a half everyday except Sundays?
    What guidelines do you follow for how often, how long or how much you exercise?
    I never looked at it that way. I just tried to get to the gym whenever I had time and the more often the better! 😉

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Unlike the majority of us, it is entirely plausible to become addicted to the gym. From WWE to Muscle Beach, there are those who lust for body oil, full sized mirrors and some serious grind time, but how much exercise can you do until you find yourself in a similar position as Arnold Schwarzenegger in peak bodybuilder form? As shocking as it may seem, some studies have demonstrated that cardiovascular exercises may have a peak, so when you try to climb beyond it, you can send yourself tumbling down the side of Mt. Fitness and into potential health risks.