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The Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer strengthens your core while toning your legs!

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  • If you don’t think about horseback riding as exercise, think again. While it’s true that the horse is the one doing the walking (or trotting, or galloping), you’re working hard too, gripping with your thighs to hold on, pressing down into the stirrups to rise up, and using your arms to control the reins.

    An abdominal crunch is a modified sit up. This is one of the horseback riding exercises.This uses the long Front Abdominal Muscle. To do this with a stable lower back and maintain a good lower back joint position and person needs have a strong Transverse muscle. So to learn a core crunch before any other core exercise will give a person a much better result with abdominal crunches. To do abdominal crunches with poor deep core stability leaves a person at high risk for lower back pain, disc injury and ongoing back pain. This will then cause the core muscles to decay further, due to the inhibition of this muscle with pain. The Transverse Abdominal muscle is very sensitive to back pain and will switch off when a person is suffering lower back pain. If this pain persists then the muscle actually starts to waste and decay away. The cycle of pain, decay is set up and a person starts to get more pain with exercise instead of less.

  • Equestrian Pilates and the core crunch is a movement pattern taught in the program. This is unique to this horseback riding exercise program, designed by Annette Willson.

The best way to get in great shape and become a good rider is to ride