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Four horse exerciser

101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler (Read & Ride)

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  • Centaur Equinecisers has over 3 decades of expertise in manufacturing Equine Products - for 34 years, and Horse Exercisers for the past 23 years.

    To allow the horse to exercise in comfort, owners need to be sure it is properly nourished and trained for the performance that is expected. Ingested carbohydrate, fat, and fiber can all be used as energy sources; electrolytes should be replaced by supplementation if the exercise period is long and the horse is sweating or performing in a hot, humid climate; and adequate water should be made available.

  • Our mission is to provide affordably-priced, quality custom manufactured horse walkers and exercisers, with your horses’ and personnel’s safety as our top priority. Each of our horse exercisers is made by hand in our factory, and goes through rigorous quality control to be free of manufacturing defects before delivery.

    Centaur Equinecisers offers an innovative, high-quality custom-built line of Equine Training Hot Walkers for the thoroughbred and equestrian industries. With a total of 4 decades manufacturing experience, our horse exerciser experts can customize your exerciser in any configuration from 3 to 8 horses. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround and can deliver most of our horse training products to you within two weeks.

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    A horse exerciser machine is often a one time buy for a facility, so consider your future needs and purchase to these needs. We have worked with existing customers that underestimated the capacity and use of their machine, and later upgraded to a larger machine, and even added an additional machine.

Horse exercising at Royal Adelaide Show - Fran West

EzyWalker Horse Exercise Machines have been developed by people with over fifty years experience inworking with and training horses. The EzyWalker can help keep your horses in top form; they are greatfor layups and help condition horses for sale or competition. EzyWalker's are suitable for all breeds anddisciplines.