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Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

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  • The pedals are self balancing so they always face upwards and are in exactly the right position for you to get on or off the exercise bike its these little touches from SEG that have made the SEG 1696 Home Exercise Bike a very popular choice.

    If your buying a home exercise bike for all the family to use then buy the Bremshey Cardio Control E Home Exercise Bike because it has a 4 user memory so everyone in the family can save their settings and load them again from the digital control panel, saving time and remembering any customisations that have been made to the exercise programmes.

  • The SEG 1696 Home Exercise Bike is a semi-commercial exercise bike that means its been rated as suitable for use many times a day and won't wear out and that's why your find exercise bikes like the SEG used in office gyms and workout rooms.

    You can choose eight different resistance levels so it's an ideal home exercise bike for people looking to get fit or lose some weight as you can start off with a lower resistance and increase your resistance as you get fitter, in exercise machine terms resistance means how hard it is to cycle, it's increased resistance that gives you a harder workout and reduced resistance that makes pedalling easier.

    • Best Exercise Bike

    When you want to stay fit and healthy by means of biking, you need to know that only the best exercise bike can help you attain that good looking body for you.

    • Exercise Bike

    Also known as the stationary bike is fitness equipment used by people at home to do their workout routines without the need to go outside of their respective homes. Learn more about them.

    • Exercise Bike Reviews

    Know only the best exercise bike reviews there are. Read and find out the different exercise bike product that is perfect for you!

    • Home Exercise Bike

    If you’re too tired to go to the gym to do your regular fitness routines, why not purchase your own home exercise equipment! And if you like do to everyday cycling, what more perfect fitness equipment that having your own home exercise bike.

    • Recumbent Exercise Bikes

    A type of exercise bike that allows the rider to seat in a laid back position. This is mostly for ergonomic reasons which comfortable distributes the rider’s weight over a larger area.

    • Spinning Bike

    Spinning bike, another term for stationary bike, is one of the most popular kinds of indoor exercise which provides a very good low impact but high intensity cardiovascular exercise workout. It helps both build strength and endurance.

    • Upright Exercise Bikes

    These type of exercise bikes are great for people who likes to workout but in a limited space. For compared to other exercise equipment, upright exercise bikes only consumes very little amount of space. These are perfect for those who want a great low impact cardiovascular exercise.


  • For a safe home exercise bike have a look at the SEG 1696 Home Exercise Bike which uses an Eddy Current Braking system to slow down and stop the exercise bike, Eddy Current Braking is used on high speed trains to stop and slow the trains down so its a proven and safe technology and unlike pad brakes does not wear out, basically the Eddy Current Braking system generates a force like a magnetic force which stops the wheels from moving round, this can be applied gradually to slow you down or quickly to bring the exercise bike to an immediate stop which makes the SEG 1696 Home Exercise Bike one of the safest exercise bikes available.

Cycling Interval Training Using Your Home Exercise Bike

The bottom line here is that even with this target market, this is a low cost model with a surprising number of features on board. The JLL JF100 Home Exercise Bike is adjustable, smart and strong and can really help a lot of users.