8 Amazing Fat-Burning Intervals

Once you’ve got the green light to hit the HIIT, heed these expert tips


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  • When they measured Mosley's insulin sensitivity before he started his HIT exercise regime, the result showed he was just inside what would be regarded as healthy tolerance.

    This particular HIT exercise program promotes strength in all major muscle groups of the body to create a balance of strength throughout the body. The exercises have been designed in an order that alternates between opposing muscle groups to aid in the recovery during the exercise.

  • HIT exercise glove – Casallin vahvat, topatut treenihanskat intensiivisiin ulkotreeneihin. Nämä hanskat kestävät kovaa rasitusta!

    To start, it is important to break down the back into different zones. The most commonly focused on area is the lats. The lats are a large muscle group that get trained in every popular back workout. They can be hit with exercises like pullups, lat pulldowns, etc. Any exercise that adducts your arm and brings it into your sides is a good candidate for helping you build bigger lats. That said, you may feel a bigger stretch on the lats by performing an underhand version of the pulldown.

    HIT Exercise

    The words "High Intensity" should not intimidate you, because the intensity is proportional to each person's ability. A

    DEFINITION OF HIT, High Intensity Training
    The HIGH INTENSITY here refers to the maximum total energy output anybody can safely produce without incurring physical injury or damage. Obviously the maximum energy output that an 85 year old little lady can produce is far less energy than the maximum energy output that a highly trained athlete can create. But any person that produces the maximum or close to the maximum energy  output at any time is doing HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING. As per the above definition, this training can be done by people of all ages and even people that are ill and want to regain health through this type of exercises, as long as they are doing the maximum they can do.

    HOW can you create the highest amount of energy
    The maximum amount of energy output that safely can be created by a person at any point in time depends on 3 factors:
    1. Using the maximum amount of muscles.
    2. Using the muscles through their maximum range of motion.
    3. Using the muscles with the maximum resistance that each individual can handle without developing injury.




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