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Our Whisper Wheels Hedgehog exercise wheels are the most important cage accessory to provide your hedgehog.

Kaytee Giant Comfort Exercise Wheel, 12-Inch, Colors Vary

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  • There was one thing that really did impress me, though, and we bought one of them - a hedgehog exercise wheel made out of a skateboard wheel, PVC pipe, and the bottom of a large plastic container. The thing was balanced well and was quiet too. The guy selling it assured us hedgehogs need lots of exercise, and ours used it a lot. The alternative is letting the hedgehog run free around the house, which sounds nice, but there are a few disadvantages:

    In the wild, hedgehogs are always on the go during their waking hours, and cover some fairly wide distances when out and about foraging for food. As fairly rounded little animals anyway, domestically kept pygmy hedgehogs can be prone to obesity due to a lack of exercise, so it is important to provide for their natural need to be active. There are a great many different types of toys and pieces of equipment that you can use within the tank to allow your hedgehog to stretch their legs and stay interested, including specially designed hedgehog exercise wheels!

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