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  • 5. A quick hand and wrist exercise is to bring your hands in front of you, with both palms out. Stretch all of your fingers out, making sure they are relaxed as you close them and make a fist. Unclench your fists and repeat. You can do this hand and wrist exercise for 20 repetitions. This hand and wrist exercise can reduce pain on the hands, especially the fingers after having them type continuously and doing repetitive movements for several hours.

    4. Here’s another easy hand and wrist exercise: Bring your hands in front of you while keeping your arms straight. Keep your arms still and flex your wrist with your fingers pointed upward toward the ceiling. Then, flex your wrist with your fingers pointed downward. You can repeat this 10 times each for the upward and downward positions. Your wrist should feel relaxed after this hand and wrist exercise.

  • 6. Another quick hand and wrist exercise is to put your hands and wrists on your desk, with your palms facedown. Then, use your wrist to rotate your whole arm so that your palm faces upward, toward the ceiling. Repeat this movement 10 times for each arm or until you feel that your hands and wrist are relaxed.

    Most of the activities you do each day require the use of your hands and wrists. Hand and wrist strength allows you to perform many daily activities, including playing sports, playing instruments, cooking, and cleaning. When performing hand and wrist exercises, you can use inexpensive objects around your house, like a soup can, a sock filled with beans, or a full milk jug, advises the National Institute of Aging.

  • The Cando Hand-Wrist Exerciser is ideal for hand and wrist exercise. This Twist-n-Bend Hand-Wrist Exerciser provides a portable conditioning and training solution for arms and hands. The Cando Hand-Wrist Exerciser is an easy to use, lightweight exerciser available with various resistance levels. The Twist Bend Shake Exerciser is ideal for any situation requiring rehabilitation across a range of ability levels.

Hold your hand out in front of you, with your wrist straight.